Meracinque:Meracinque: rice that’s five times better thanks to innovative agriculture

Transparency, trust and Blockchain come together on the Trusty platform, selected to showcase the product through the complete traceability of its production process

Agriculture today needs young people who, with knowledge and enthusiasm, can spearhead a revolution that overturns concepts long past their sell-by date. Increasingly advanced technologies and a focus on growing techniques that ensure products are 100% natural are factors that can make the agriculture of the future more attractive to younger generations.

Meracinque embodies this ideal.

Five sisters (the cinque in the name) were brought up among rice fields. Inheriting their father’s passion, they produce the best Carnaroli Classico – the only Micro-Natural rice of its kind thanks to exclusive Japanese technology, which avoids chemical treatment of the plants, and the latest Smart Agriculture 4.0 technology.

From the outset, the objective of the Blockchain project, developed with Var Group and Apio, was to highlight and promote the economic, environmental and social sustainability achieved through growing a product that is healthy for the consumer and a resource for the local area.

In this charming interview, Benedetta and Silvia Tovo tell us about Meracinque’s Carnaroli rice, and how the use of innovative growing techniques is protected and promoted through cutting edge technologies like Blockchain and the Trusty platform – as well as through successful collaborations, such as the partnership with Var Group.