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Snaitech evolves its business with Var Group

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Following its merger, Snaitech took advantage of its partnership with Var Group to update its systems and technology. Var Group is a leading ICT innovation firm which helps companies maintain their competitive edge by integrating solutions, services and technology to digitalise processes.


Var Group has worked with Snai since 2013, although back then it was a simple customer-supplier relationship. Things moved up a gear after the merger, when Snaitech decided to update the technology in its betting outlets. Snaitech’s objective was to embark on an innovation journey with user experience at its heart, transforming its betting outlets to satisfy the needs of increasingly sophisticated and digital customers. For example, the rise of live-event betting meant adopting simpler and faster-to-use terminals, thus increasing the immediacy of playing while avoiding the long queues forming at the tills – a growing problem for the outlets. We worked side-by-side with Snaitech to design an evolutionary project. We put a multi-disciplinary team in place that could draw on both a deep knowledge of the business and the integrated expertise offered by Var Group’s range of business lines. The result was an innovation strategy whose main objective was to place the customer at its centre. In practical terms, all outlets were equipped with PCs and POS to make bets, digital smart TVs to view odds and betting stations for users to place their bets.


The next step was working together on a CRM project. This led to the development of a mobile app called Sport which allows users to play from anywhere, and on any mobile device. In this, I have to say that Snaitech was ahead of its time. It was the first to adopt a genuinely multichannel approach, taking on the challenge of evolving its offering by developing an experience that keeps the customer at the centre of a world of personalised services, automation and efficiency, a world which dissolves the boundaries between the physical – in the form of its outlets – and the digital. Snaitech achieved this objective. Today, whether they are in an outlet, on their home PC or connected on their smartphone, the company’s customers can access the same simple interface, the same information and the same unlimited range of events. Customers are now guaranteed an identical playing experience, wherever they are. This is all based on a sustainable approach to innovation, ensuring information is protected and data is completely private.


With the world undergoing constant change, people – the users – are turning to technology to accomplish more, and to do so as efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, I still see many great Italian businesses failing to take a clear approach to these transformations and suffering as a result – struggling to evolve and remaining reluctant to digitalise their processes. Snaitech is an example of a company capable of grasping the importance of digitalisation before other businesses, and of making the necessary investments in time to give their customers an excellent service.