The digitisation of companies is reality

We support the competitiveness of companies by integrating solutions, services and technologies. We will travel the road to innovation alongside you, each and every day.

Data science

Artificial Intelligence at the service of corporate transformation.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are technologies which are accessible to SMEs and large corporations who wish to take on projects with clearly defined boundaries, that provide results quickly while requiring sustainable levels of investment.
We have developed an agile approach which frees companies from the need to have Data Scientists on staff in order to obtain value from their data: we provide the professionals to guarantee the best results within an open innovation logic.
From Computer Vision to IoT, we integrate hardware and software to implement end-to-end solutions in industrial environments.

Business  &
Industry Solutions

International ERPs and application solutions for specific sectors.

We offer all the international ERPs which allow companies to compete on global markets, as well as application solutions developed for specific sectors. Each solution has a dedicated competence centre where teams of dedicated consultants develop services, customisations and ad-hoc projects.

// SAP business unit
// Microsoft business unit
// Industry Solutions business unit

Business Technology Solutions 

Technological solutions to compete in a global market.

To keep pace with the digital evolution and maintain competitiveness, businesses must make innovative choices requiring high-level consultancy and cutting-edge technology. A new methodological approach, solid partnerships and customised solutions are the elements which make Var Group a specialised innovation partner able to enhance the growth path of every business.
Sharing strategic visions daily with the biggest players in IT such as Apple, AWS, Cisco, Dell Technologies, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Microsoft, Nutanix, Oracle, SAP and VMware guarantees an innovative approach.

Customer Experience

Strategic communication and marketing, analytics and technologies.

We construct multi-channel experiences to develop and grow companies’ business, achieving concrete and verifiable results. It is a path which takes in data discovery and analysis, from the marketing and communication strategy through to the development of creative concepts, in order to guide companies through the continuous evolution of the markets.
We work with the main technology platforms: Adobe, Apple, Facebook, Google, IBM, Magento and Microsoft right through to Salesforce, with whom we have solid, high-value partnerships. We are the first European partner of
We respond to international companies’ requirement to operate in the Chinese market in a strategic and measured manner.

Digital Cloud 

Strategies, applications and services to take full advantage of the private, public and hybrid Cloud.

We offer the best tools and resources to support tailor-made growth and digital transformation strategies taking companies into the Cloud. We provide innovative solutions to extract value from data in Hybrid and Multi-Cloud scenarios, helping companies rethink their business models thanks to the power of the Cloud.

Digital Industries 

Industry 4.0 and IoT for the digitisation of processes and servitisation of products.

In an ever-increasingly complex global context, digitisation is becoming central thanks to its ability to connect companies, processes and people. Var Group joins its expertise in Industry 4.0 and IoT with Digital Industries, the business unit which serves the manufacturing sector, offering a holistic approach where the interconnection and use of data becomes the driving force behind the intelligent factory, introducing a new organisational model.

Digital Process Engineering

The digitisation of operational processes which makes products and companies smart.

We accompany manufacturers through the digitisation of all their production processes, adopting new paradigms such as: Industry 4.0, IoT and Digital Twins.
A European competence centre where experience and skillsets developed over decades of work alongside companies come together, with specialists distributed between Italy, Spain and Germany.

Digital Security 

Security of systems to ensure competitiveness for companies.

With the current drive towards ever-increasing levels of connectivity and digitisation, security is a fundamental strategic element for the competitiveness of companies. To deal with the increasingly complex range of threats and guarantee sufficient organisational resilience to companies of all sizes, we offer a global and holistic approach to security, understood as meaning the convergence of physical and logical security, going beyond traditional IT security in order to protect the most important areas. This means multi-level, SOC-centric security, incorporating Threat Intelligence, AI and Machine Learning, to prevent the most sophisticated attacks.

Smart Services  

Integrated IT services designed to provide operational continuity and individual productivity.

Today, all companies want IT solutions which guarantee agile and high-performance infrastructure and devices. Smart Services designs an IT strategy able to combine technological necessities with all corporate processes, thanks to specialisation, and consultancy and governance skills. A services partner able to create a complete offering of specialised services which, combined with the potential of the cloud, responds to new market structures, enhancing and exploiting strategic activities.


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