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Spotlight on Piaggio ONE, the captivating landing page for product launch

Piaggio ONE is the first e-scooter launched by Piaggio
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The Agency designed and developed a captivating landing page unvelling the product and literally engaging potential customers in a conversation.

“Hello, human! I'm Piaggio ONE!" is how the product itself welcomes the user and strikes up a conversation.
Piaggio lead generation strategy
The Agency helped Piaggio Group set up an automated marketing system for all its brands and products.

Following Piaggio's requirement to merge the needs of its brand in one solution, the Agency developed a "white-label" communication format, flexible and suitable to each. The Agency also designed a helpful workflow to support the setup of tne marketing campaign (landing page, media pian, and CRM activities related) fast, effective and goal-driven.
A universal product configurator for Piaggio Group
The standardization and optimization of both the functional part and the user experience led to the configurator's UX and UI revision. Adacto reviewed the new design, considering the client properties’ functional requirements and integrating the material production phase with the system integrator development cycle to reduce the overall effort and boost performance.
Vespa Store promotional materials
The Agency also worked on POS materials to promote the digital Vespa Store, defining promo format e introducing a brand-new design to manage the different commercial canvases throughout the year.

The format has been thought of in terms of continuous improvement to be adjusted in accordance with analytics results and specific insights.