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Skilla adopts Dynamics 365 marketing to improve and target marketing actions for clients and prospects

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Skilla is a multimedia publishing company, with an interdisciplinary team of more than 100 professionals, both in-house and external, with 20 years of history in the Italian market and, in recent years, also internationally, in more than 50 countries worldwide, where it distributes its leading product, its multilingual library of online courses in Pillole Formative®.

10 PhDs dedicated to Skilla's methodologies and activities, partnerships with various Italian and foreign universities, a scientific committee of 25 national and international universities, partnerships with the best Italian and international excellences; more than 600 clients, national and multinational organisations, with the most famous private and public sector brands; Skilla's compulsory training courses are used by 21 universities for their administrative and teaching staff: these are some of the numbers that characterise Skilla and its enormous accomplishments over the last 20 years in online training.

Skilla's stand out feature is that it rapidly enhances the offer and services that corporate training facilities and academies provide internally with content, consultancy and technological platforms adapted to the company's level of technological maturity, sector and size.

In order to offer increasingly customised services for its many different clients, Skilla decided to adopt technological tools to enable it to know its clients better and ensure rapid integration with existing processes.

Skilla, with Var Group and its competence centre for Microsoft business applications, decided to explore the potential of Dynamics 365 Marketing to centralise its marketing flows and activities, previously handled by a number of different, separate systems, into a single tool.

The Dynamics 365 marketing platform has enabled Skilla to revolutionise the clustering of its client base, in order to identify specific targets for custom marketing actions, thus exploiting all the marketing automation potential of the platform.

Skilla's marketing team was also able to automate its event management (for both physical and digital events), from registration to the follow-up.

By enhancing the integration between Dynamics 365 Marketing and Dynamics 365 Sales, which they were already using, Skilla also automated the opening of leads from website contacts, speeding up its response time to client and prospect enquiries.

The services of Microsoft Azure have been leveraged to exploit CRM data for advanced analysis with Power BI.

“Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Var Group have enabled us to improve our ability to serve and satisfy our clients. We have also managed to enhance the growth of our business functions, especially sales and marketing, with a good CRM and best practices.
The adoption of Dynamics 365 Marketing, which is also integrated with the Sales module, has enabled us to manage our growing team and ever more complex processes with relative ease. The implementation of Dynamics 365 has laid the foundations for Skilla’s transition to a data-driven and AI-supported business model.
With Var Group at our side, we are continuing to work on adopting Microsoft tools to support the continued growth of our company,”

says Federico Amicucci, CEO of Skilla.

The Dynamics 365 Marketing adoption project in Skilla is a genuine success story: with Skilla we were able to express the full potential of Dynamics 365 Marketing.
The work Skilla has done with Dynamics 365 Marketing has increased the quality of client data, enabling them to work more effectively with up-to-date information while facilitating ever more effective customer journeys.
The marketing department immediately appreciated the tools provided by Microsoft’s platform, and was very proactive throughout training and testing as an active partner in the success of the project.
In the coming months we will be working together again to develop real time marketing and integration with Power Apps.
says Jacopo Boglio, Sales Director of Var Prime.