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Winelivery improves customer experience through Artificial Intelligence

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Winelivery is the Milan-based startup that offers a truly innovative service: through a simple app, it's possible to buy wine, craft beer, or your favorite drink and have them delivered to your home in less than 30 minutes at the ideal temperature.

As the context related to the Coronavirus has evolved, people's habits have changed: along with home delivery services for groceries, the demand for beverages has also exponentially increased.

This situation, combined with the high level of service, allowed Winelivery to finish 2020 with a +600% revenue, confirming its innovative and winning model. A startup that constantly strives to surpass itself: Winelivery had set the challenge of giving its customers a unique shopping experience and an even more personalized service through the app, suggesting products that align with the users' tastes and recommending the best drinks even to those who had not yet made a purchase.

Some specificities of the startup and the platform's audience had a strong impact on this business challenge: for example, some customers make a single purchase, so suggesting additional products in line with their tastes proved to be very complicated. Furthermore, there was a need to provide the right suggestions to those users who were still without a reference history, as they were completely new to the service. These characteristics added to the fact that each Winelivery point of sale in different Italian cities has a different catalog that changes rapidly with the addition of new products and the removal of others, so a very flexible system was needed to balance these differences.

In short, a rather complex context that made it challenging to study a truly effective solution.

To achieve the desired results, Winelivery found the ideal partner in Analytics Network: thanks to its methodology and over 20 years of experience in the field of Artificial Intelligence, the Bolognese company helped further improve the service that made Winelivery a unique startup.

This is how My Winelivery was born, based on Analytics Network's Propensity technology, which allows the app to suggest to users the items that best align with their tastes and can provide guidance even for those who have not yet made a purchase or have a history of few orders.

Francesco Magro, CEO and Founder of Winelivery, explains: "The people at Analytics Network demonstrated not only competence but true empathy towards our need to grow: they put themselves in our shoes, and this approach led to the development of a tailor-made Artificial Intelligence application. They worked for us as if they were also part of Winelivery. A way of approaching things that made the difference.".