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When an approach based on off-the-shelf AI applications is not adequate to particularly complex and advanced industrial environments, one has to rely on the futuristic component of data science: Computer Vision can make the difference thanks to the productivity provided by video analysis.

This is a technology that finds application in even very different sectors, precisely because it can not only detect advanced anomalies, but also predict them.
We study competitive contexts and implement integrated digital transformation projects.
The complexity of the needs of the client becomes a resource, and spurs us to take our results to the next level.

We offer scientific expertise and advanced technological skills for engineering, with the ability to design complete solutions.

Not only Artificial Intelligence, but strategic applications and inputs, always keeping in mind the changing needs, preferences and expectations of our clients.

Innovation as a starting point, the application as point of arrival: the uniqueness of our services is only worthwhile if it is of value to our stakeholders.

For us, relationships are a matter of competency and trust: we develop them by continuously monitoring the market and differentiating our solutions for our business partners.

Computer vision

Every entity operating in the manufacturing sector (from transforming materials into finished products to assembling semi-finished goods) needs to classify incoming raw materials to determine whether the entered material is of good or poor quality.

Through a series of non-predefined rules, Artificial Intelligence is capable of classifying objects/materials, utilizing computer vision. Therefore, we can detect unknown anomalies, not described in advance, thanks to a system that learns to formalize a new, previously unknown rule. This speeds up the process and contains costs.

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