Where art and digital technology put the person back at the center


Var Digital Art joins the artist Vincenzo Marsiglia in the #aportraittoconnectus project, where art and digital technology put the person back at the center through the creation of a large real and virtual community, expressing with energy the desire to react, to stay in touch, to feel united to restart in a better world. In this period of strong emergency and social distancing, we can remain united thanks to our portraits and become an expression of a positive thought, of a common voice that strongly brings hope and instills solidarity.
Art and culture have always been a dialectic of knowledge and renewal; what better way to convey a new message through an easy and daily gesture: a selfie; a simple photographic shot that I will transform into a true portrait of Art
Vincenzo Marsiglia
Following the period of pandemic that Italy and the world are facing, a whirlwind has been created, a media bombardment and emotional chaos, a crisis related to the deprivation of usual social ties, a forced seclusion, and a change in our daily lives.

Var Group continues its collaboration with the artist Vincenzo Marsiglia, proposing to seize this moment to identify the change in our society and make it accessible through a formal work. With the project "a portrait to connect us," the intention is to create a large real and virtual community, through social channels, that unites in the idea of thinking positively about what is to come. Reactivating the artistic and cultural community of a specific territory becomes a common voice for a new thrust towards possibilities to create new dynamics aimed at borderless solidarity. In the project, Vincenzo Marsiglia involves protagonists from the world of art, culture, doctors, nurses, public figures in a historical artistic action, asking for a selfie (cell phone self-portrait) that will be reworked into a true digital portrait, thanks to the use of the Interactive Star App.

The idea was born with the exhibition "Theatre(Home)Interactive" which involved over seventy personalities from the Italian cultural world such as Massimo Bray, former Minister of Cultural Heritage, Guido Talarico, director of Insideart magazine, Enrico Giacomelli, editorial vice director of Artribune.

The artist

Vincenzo Marsiglia
was born in 1972 in Belvedere Marittimo (CS). His first approaches to art date back to his years of study, initially in Imperia at the State Institute of Art, then at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan, where he obtained a degree in Painting. He began exhibiting in the mid-90s, participating in exhibitions at galleries, fairs, and museums in Italy and abroad.

His works develop starting from a four-pointed star that over time becomes his distinctive character, a true "logo" of the artist. The composition of the works becomes almost an obsessive operation that generates elements in which this symbol merges with fabric, felt, sequins, and ceramics, in a game whose rhythm and form, rigorous and balanced, refer to the teachings of masters of abstractionism and minimalism. In his latest series of works, the artist resorts to technological tools that combine with the characteristic signifying pictoriality of the previous research phase. In these works, one finds both a contemporaneity linked to new communication tools, now habitual in everyday life, and the desire not to bring about a concrete, finished, and determined object, but a mutable and transitory work that, precisely with the interaction of the public, finds its fulfillment in the process of relationship and mutation, which also leads to a reduction in the distance between the artistic object and its audience.