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Sammontana and the Partnership with the Digital Experience Agency for the New Italian Ice Cream Website

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Driven by the brand and requested by users, the new Sammontana website kicks off yet another season of taste and fun with a fresh, clear layout designed for maximum navigability. Var Group Digital Experience Agency has overseen the entire project, guiding the company in choosing an advanced application framework like Adobe AEM – of which the website is only the first application in the planned digital transformation journey – and designing a layout that enhances images and videos to fully capture the emotions of the Italian summer.


Sammontana and the partnership with Digital Experience for the new Italian ice cream website

As part of the digital transformation project undertaken by the Digital Experience Agency for Sammontana and based on the AEM framework, an asset-share system has also been developed to allow the sales network to view and download various types of assets (such as product images, flyers, promotional materials, etc.). For external users, a centralized access system has been created, managed through an appropriate user/permission matrix, ensuring that each user only sees documents reserved for them. Sammontana Asset-Share and automated management and sharing processes.

For asset management, Sammontana operators/marketers directly access a directory in the DAM (AEM Assets) through integration with the company's Active Directory. They upload, tag, and enrich various files with appropriate metadata for sharing with external users. Through the implementation of specific workflows, automated generation of various renditions for each asset is managed, along with visualization/publication rules.