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Our Business Intelligence solutions are indispensable tools for managing large volumes of data quickly.

With the design of the Enterprise Data Warehouse, from data collection and integration through to governance, large volumes of data from a variety of sources and different types can be managed effectively.

With Corporate Performance Management solutions in finance we can manage planning and management control processes.
But not only that: we provide applications to companies to explore new information in a transparent way, using advanced analysis techniques, accompanying companies along their performance optimisation path in 4 fundamental steps:

  • closing: assess company performance from a management point of view by analysing and reclassifying final accounting and operational data, and identifying and allocating costs and revenues;

  • planning: define medium and long-term strategic plans, formulating objectives against which to measure company performance and annual budget plans (sales, production, purchases, investments, costs);

  • forecasting: identify changes in the market, new trends and factors that impact the supply chain, in order to draw up more accurate budget and forecast plans, and exploit the resulting insights;

  • prescription: simulate corrective actions and quantify their operational and economic impacts. 
A different procurement strategy, a spike in sales, an increase in the cost of components or materials can be simulated to prescribe the appropriate supporting actions and take advance action to modify negative outcomes.

But our expertise in Analytics goes beyond that.

An effective data governance strategy also relies on effective data visualisation, so as to move from viewing to understanding information in an interactive and intelligent manner.

Our Data Visualisation solutions help organisations understand patterns, models and anomalies in their data so that they can extract insights in real time.

Combining sound data analysis with effective visual representations enables companies to gain deeper insight and make informed decisions.

A word to the wise: improving processes with CPM

Just consider a manufacturing company that needs to improve its management and planning processes.
Starting with a redesign of the budget/forecast system and closure of management accounts, using predefined standards and forms as a starting point, numerous results were achieved, including:

  • 60% reduction in periodic accounting closure times thanks to the use of automated processes and simplified procedures;

  • improved planning and simulation analysis;

  • 30% reduction of safety risks thanks to the use of an approval system (workflow);

  • improved management solution, resulting in a reduction of scheduled maintenance activities by 20%.

From CPM to the data driven approach
We start with the finance approach and classic applications in planning and control to find answers and make decisions along the entire corporate value chain, increasing the visibility of relevant facts and improving the alignment of business actions.

The data analysis applied to processes such as the supply chain, sales, backlogs and product costs is transformed and extended, thanks to AI-enabled applications.

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