Pupa:An innovative new makeover with Var Group and IBM

Pupa, an international brand leader in cosmetics, opted to give its technology infrastructure an innovative makeover. 24/7 data availability now underpins the constant growth of its business.

Pupa, established in 1976, is an Italian company that sells cosmetic products. Mainly focused on make-up, its business also comprises skin-care products and make-up cases, which the brand has become famous for over the years.


The requirement

In the past year, Pupa has faced multiple challenges – its presence on the web, social media channels and the company blog. Sales distribution all over the world has given the company ever-increasing visibility.

IBM technology, Var Group partnership

The past year has seen Pupa tackle a crucial project to update its technology infrastructure, with a particular focus on the Data Centre.

Continuity, efficiency and security

Our Data Centre is at the very heart of the company’s applications, and therefore its overall operations. By deploying state-of-the-art technology, Pupa has made significant efficiency savings and boosted its infrastructure capabilities.